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  • Stage requirements
  • Hangingpoints
  • Light and sound
  • Stage requirements:

    A minimum height of 4 to 20m (optimal are 6m) with the possibility of rigging / hanging point (for detailed information please see the act-specific rider).

    The surrounding / ambient air of the aerial equipment in it’s full height must be kept free with a minimum distance of 2 meters to all sides.

    A free and good levelled floor surface / area of ​​at least 3 meter diameter per person must be provided.


    A fix hanging point with a weight allowance of 400kg per person.

    A possibility to reach the hanging point (for example: by a sky-train or a ladder) has to be provided an a helping hand for the rigging if needed.

    On outdoor events the hanging point can be a mounting crane, a stage structure, a free-standing trapezoidal structure or a tree, each with a corresponding weight approval

    If there are any questions about the optimal conditions, please contact us.

    Light and sound:

    Light (except for good daylight for outdoor events):

    An experienced and ambitious lighting and sound technician. If possible, a smoke machine.

    If possible 1 Follow spot per person.
    At least 6 to 10 PARS each with at least 500W.
    Light from at least 2 sides.
    The opportunity to illuminate the entire height of the air performance
    By top light a minimum distance of 1 meter to the aerial equipment must be kept free.
    Time for light check: at least 3 hours before the show


    stereo with CD player or Mp3 connection and an amplifier time for sound check (at least 3 hours before the show)

    Allgemeine Voraussetzungen:

    Aufbauzeit (mind. 4 Stunden vor dem Auftritt)
    Abbauzeit – nach Absprache
    Verpflegung für die Artistinnen (mind. 2 Stunden vor dem bzw. max. 1 Stunde nach dem Auftritt)

    Alle hier angegebenen Details sind bitte als Richtangaben zu verstehen, sie können je nach Art der Veranstaltung variieren.
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