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ZOOM Streettheater

Back to nature, or better just to let it be?

Zoom is a short story where notions like nature and sustainability are being put upside down-or rather, up in the air.
The artists of Sol’Air and Janine Morell tell us, in their own unique style, their vision on daily life.

They mock the reality of our behaviour towards nature and how we treat it, and show us in a way that is, simply, too beautiful to be true. Humoristic, artistic and elegant! A Circus/Theater piece which doesn't take itself too seriously with its slogan "Exploit nature where you can, but be sure to remain audacious and charming!"

sol air netz

Aerial Net

The net is a new element in the air.
Similar to the tissue, it creates large and dynamic images combined with spectacular drops.
The meshes provide the aerial act many new possibilities and allow a loving game, with the continuous transparency of the material.

Length: approx. 7 min.,
floor area 3m x 3m,
Height at least 5m,
Weight approval at least. 400kg

sol air


WALL DANCE is a vertical dance on the side of a building. The artists abseil down on ropes while they are dancing horizontally to the wall. This creates the illusion of a new dimension in which the rules of gravity are overridden. The effect is: great moves and death-defying acrobatics.


to neighbours!
Two women, as different as day and night yet somehow so similar, living at the edge of society. A piece about the challenge to save ones own individuality in the enforced narrowness of a tenement block, and how tolerance for the other comes close to the limit.

sol air trapeze

Circus On Sea

"Circus on Sea", is a whimsical act which takes place on a sailing ship with double masts. Up to 6 ladies, hang in the rigging animating the sea air with individual and group choreographies. "Circus on Sea" is a 10-20 minute aerial dance; fresh and exciting as the aerialists create moving pictures in this unique surrounding.