• Circus acrobatics in the air: spectacle at opening of the christmas market in Wiesbaden

    This year a fantastic aerial spectacle was presented at the "Sternschnuppenmarkt" (Falling stars market) by Solair. This time they came without their usual trapeze or rope, they hovered in a split position above the people + danced with their tissues.

    Every year the residents of Wiesbaden create something special for the opening of their christmas market. And this year it was exceptionally beautiful ! Two angels raised up in the snowy sky, flew above the guildhall and then down to the audience on the market square. It was a really christmasy feastful atmosphere, the guests and even the mayor were very choked up and in the best mood ever !

    Photo link: http://www.wiesbaden.de/microsite/weihnachten/010/content/bildergalerie-eroeffnung-15.php#241934